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Before starting:

Place the O.D.I.N. dashboard, the BLACK-MARKET dashboard with the NET HOUND and the CYBERNET on the game surface;

Shuffle the CORPORATIONS bunch then, draw and connect to the O.D.I.N. dashboard a number of CORPORATIONS equal to the NUMBER OF PLAYERS + 2;

Compose the WAREZ deck according to the number of players [see dots on each card], dividing them into descending game turns;

Each player chooses his NEURAL DISPLAY and his set of 18 D.N.A. and 3 CREDITS;

Determine the order of the game by placing 1 D.N.A. on the TURN DISPLAY, starting from who has recently seen a cyberpunk movie and proceeding clockwise;

The player who starts the first round chooses the starting CORPORATION in which everyone will insert 2 D.N.A;

Reveal all the WAREZ cards of who’s turn is in the game;

Start to play:

The player of turn will choose 1 WAREZ attack and will make in the order he prefers:

• DRAG the number of D.N.A. indicated in the CORPORATION or in the BLACK MARKET;

Once the 3rd D.N.A. has been transferred inside the BLACK MARKET, in one or more turns, the player activates the NET HOUND that will disconnect the chosen CORPORATION deactivating it; After the player will DRAG all the D.N.A from the BLACK MARKET to one CORPORATION.

At the end of the action, the next player will choose 1 WAREZ attack and will perform in the order he prefers:


• DRAG the number of D.N.A. indicated in the CORPORATION or in the BLACK MARKET;

When all the players will have concluded the WAREZ attacks, all players in the game will be able to hire the CYBERNET and perform the INDICATIVE ACTION starting in a reverse order from the last player who concluded the WAREZ attack;

The players with the highest number of D.N.A. within each CORPORATION will enter the maximum number indicated in the LOADING ZONE.

The new game order is determined by following the criteria:

  • who has transferred more D.N.A. will play first in the next round;
  • who has transferred less D.N.A. will play last in the next round;
  • on equal terms the positions will slide to the first or last rounds without changing the order of play.

Each CORPORATION will back up its LOADING ZONE in the O.D.I.N.;

Remove the WAREZ cards not chosen in this round and turn all the WAREZ cards of the new round;

How To Win:

At the end of all game rounds, the player with the most D.N.A. transferred to the O.D.I.N. will have overwritten his identity to the GHOST AVATAR, winning.